WGLC Christmas thrash 2017

The World’s Greatest Lunch Club met for their annual Christmas lunch at Joe Allen in London on 13 December. Pictured clockwise, left to right, are Joan Walton, Pat Pilton, David Eliades, Dick Dismore, Chris McIntyre, Alastair McIntyre and Lamar Eliades. It was a Christmas without Carols. Roger Watkins was unable to attend with his wife Carol as she had broken her wrist and needed to attend hospital. Terry Manners was absent because his wife Carol was unwell.

Chris McIntyre, Dick Dismore and David Eliades

Ashley Walton and Lamar Eliades, who is better known as the portrait artist Lamar Raine

Alastair McIntyre, editor of the Daily Drone, with Lamar and Ashley


SNAP: Dick Dismore and David Eliades obviously didn’t consult each other before dressing for lunch as they turned up wearing identical silk jackets. The coats were purchased in the same store in Richmond, south-west London apparently. Rumours that it was a charity shop remain unconfirmed.

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