Towering changes at Ludgate House

There have been huge changes on the south side of Blackfriars Bridge in London since Express Newspapers vacated Ludgate House in 2004. In this view, seen from Blackfriars Road looking north towards the bridge on 9th June 2017, Ludgate House can be seen behind the bus stop. Opposite is the 170-metre high One Blackfriars skyscraper, still under construction. The building in the right foreground is the new headquarters of United Business Media, former owner of Express Newspapers

BOARDED UP: Ludgate House, built in 1988, is now a sad sight and looking drab behind grey hoardings. It is being demolished as part of a huge redevelopment between Blackfriars Bridge and the Tate Modern

GREY MORNING: The view from the Blackfriars Bridge, looking south

SUNNY AFTERNOON: The weather cheered up later in the day. Barriers separating pedestrians and cyclists have been erected since the terrorist attacks on Westminster and London Bridges

STUNNING: The new UBM headquarters at the junction of Stamford and Southwark Streets with Blackfriars Road. The hoarding surrounding Ludgate House, formerly occupied by UBM when it owned the Express, can been seen bottom left

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