Touching farewell to a great editor


Derek in 1977, the year he became editor of the Daily Express


It was Derek Jameson's last wish that his ashes be scattered in the garden of St Bride's Church, Fleet Street, and the moving ceremony took place directly after his memorial service on November 28.

A few days before his death Derek watched on TV as the Olympic celebration parade moved down Fleet Street. Derek's wife Ellen told the congregation how the great man said: "There's the Daily Express, I was proud to edit the world's most famous newspaper."


Sir David Frost read from Derek's autobiography Touched By Angels and Ellen Jameson read from Derek's second book  The Last of the Hot Metal Men.

The moving words provided for the perfect epitaph for a man who rose from messenger boy to edit four national newspapers including the Express and Daily Star.

"Scatter my ashes in Fleet Street - who knows, the breeze might carry my mortal remains to an unseen crevice, some forgotten ledge where my spirit will hear again the laughing voices in the night."

Chums attending included Clare Dover, Alan Frame, Roger Watkins, Philippa Kennedy, Ashley Walton, John Burns, Peter Grosvenor, David Eliades, Jim Watson, Compton Miller, Maurice Hibberd and Nick Lloyd.

Widow's farewell

Memorial pictures

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