The Leaden Age of British Cinema II

By S MULDOON (trainee)

The Daily Drone is proud to present the Golden Age of British Cinema as seen through the prism of the piss-poor programme notes department of the Daily Mail’s Weekend TV listings supplement. 

Dangerous Voyage (1954). U. A brother and sister discover a vessel in the English Channel.

Angel Who Pawned Her Harp (1954). PG. An angel lands in London and helps out some locals in need of a boost.

Derby Day (1952). U. Following an assortment of people mingling at an Epsom Downs race meeting.

The Huggetts Abroad (1948). U. A family makes a journey across South Africa.

Dreaming (1944). PG. British soldier suffers a blow to the head and he has a series of bizarre dreams.

The Fallen Idol (1948). PG. Youngster tries to help his father’s butler escape a murder conviction.

A Tale of Two Cities (1958). PG. English lawyer discovers a man he envies is a French aristocrat trying to escape the revolution.

Street Corner (1954). PG. A look at London’s female police officers during the post-war era.

Who Done It? (1956). U. Former ice rink sweeper becomes embroiled in a devious plot to assassinate a group of British scientists.

Holiday Camp (1947). U. A family find themselves surrounded by all manner of people at a holiday camp.

Mr Perrin and Mr Traill (1948). U. Handsome schoolmaster incurs the wrath of an embittered colleague.

The Constant Husband (1955). U. Amnesiac discovers that he is a bigamist with seven wives.

Oliver Twist (1948). U. Runaway orphan is drawn into the schemes of a crook.

Up in the World (1956). U. Window cleaner gets mixed up in a plot to kidnap the heir to an aristocrat’s country estate.

Breaking Point (1961). PG. The nephew of a printer gets involved with spies.

A Run For Your Money (1949). U. A group of Welsh rugby fans takes a day out in London.

Konga (1961). PG. Scientist uses a serum to increase the size of a chimpanzee which he uses to murder his enemies.

This Sporting Life (1963). 15. Rugby player has a relationship with a widow.

Twice Round the Daffodils (1962). PG. A group of patients arrives at a sanatorium to be treated for tuberculosis.

David Copperfield (1970). U. Orphan plans to find success as an author. 

Innocent Sinners (1958). U. Neglected 13-year-old plans to build a garden in the ruins of a church. 

All For Mary (1955). U. Rival suitors for a Swiss hotelier’s daughter are struck down by measles. 

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