The Downing Legacy

A FUND aiming to raise £8,000 to produce a book of John Downing’s pictures has raised nearly £32,000.

Downing, former chief photographer of the Daily Express, who is suffering from terminal cancer, took the acclaimed photographs during a career spanning more than 50 years.

Last night the fund on Kickstarter had reached £31,836. More than £12,000 was raised in one day.

Downing’s wife Anita D'Atellis explained the project in an email message:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you will forgive this round-robin, but I would like to let you know the latest about John.

The not-so-good news is that his cancer is advancing much quicker than we would wish but, despite this, John is very cheerful and in good spirits.  He is exercising every day, determined to stay strong, and we are enjoying the summer together in Henley.

A couple of months ago, John was persuaded by his journalist friends to produce a photographic book of his career, and this has kept him very busy over the past few weeks.  

As you might imagine, it has been a huge undertaking to find all the photographs and, as is the way with newspapers, many have been lost in the midst of time. But thanks to the support of his wonderful friends and in particular the help and commitment of photographer Tom Stoddart, the book is going ahead.

It will be published by Bluecoat Press, and hopefully funded by their crowdfunding campaign, just launched today.  We are very excited about it, as it will be John’s only solo book.  

Here is the link:

I’m not expecting you to contribute, but please do take a look, and we would appreciate it if you could pass the information on to anyone you feel might be interested.

John has been overwhelmed by the generous and kind messages he has received by so many of you.  Thank you all very much.

Best wishes, Anita


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