The £100 Million Man



Express photographer John Rogers is an old hand at taking great pictures. He made his name by taking a fantastic exclusive photograph of the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe in the prison van on his way to the Old Bailey in 1981.

Later he persuaded the company bank to allow him to photograph £1million from their vaults to illustrate the Express Millionaires Club.

Now he has trumped that by being snapped sitting on £100 million while shooting a Camelot promotion for the EuroMillions jackpot.

John told the Drone: “The pic was done as a promo shot for the National Lottery. I travelled to Scotland to shoot the picture in a secret bank vault at a location not disclosed to me. 


“Once underground, in the deep depths and behind several closed and locked doors, I was able to get my hands on the loot. Several cages of fresh money in £50 denominations where ferried in on a forklift truck for me to unload and build a pyramid of £100 million, as at the time this is what was possible to win on the Euro lottery which had rolled over several times to in excess of £100 million.

“It took about two hours to prepare before I was able to take the pics. I just couldn’t resist a selfie with the pile, it was probably the nearest I will ever come to such vast quantity of cash." 

John added ruefully: “I didn't even get any samples to take home. I also had to pack it all back in the cages and watch it disappear into the storeroom.”

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