Remember our media heroes


You may think this a weird question but why is the media not represented at the annual memorial service every year at the Cenotaph?

My wife and I were at home watching the ceremony on the television and I felt I should be part of the service. 

It was a strange  feeling because I am of an age when I was called to do National Service so I cannot claim to have been involved in any major conflict, unlike many of our media colleagues, some of who are still covering war zones for television, radio and newspapers. 

Over the years we have lost various members of our profession and others have been involved during wars. Max Hastings claimed, when he was with the Evening Standard, that he was the first journalist to enter the capital on the Falklands during the invasion by Argentina. 


Tom Smith, the Express photographer, was also on the island and it was later revealed, not by Tom, that one of our servicemen was shot and our fighting guys were pinned down and could not help the injured soldier. Tom put his cameras down, went over the edge, under fire, and pulled the injured man to safety.

The rescued soldier later got in touch with the Daily Express to thank Tom for saving his life. 

Over the years the media has covered most wars and events and many of our people have been involved. Looking at the parade on Remembrance Sunday and watching representatives from all walks of life, some very young and others who required help just to be there, made me feel we should be represented. Not just Express Newspapers but the media as a whole.

What do you think?

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