PICTURE SPECIAL Paul Callan 1939-2020

MAJOR TOAD AHEAD: Paul Callan wrote of this picture: 'This was the car that starred in the film Genevieve [1953]. I was, however, allowed to be Mr Toad for the day. It was a real bugger to drive — worse even than Morse’s Jag (which I pranged slightly, much to John Thaw’s delight)'

MAXED OUT: Callan masquerades as Robert Maxwell. He commented: I auditioned for the part of Cap'n Bob in a musical about his life. But the sons took out an injunction to stop it being staged. Exit my great chance as star!

I SAY YOU CHAPS: A Bunteresque Paul with Nigel Dempster and Peter Tory

ROYAL VISIT: Callan said: 'Prince Philip, visiting the Mirror, asked me how we fitted all the type into my diary page. I got a laugh when I pointed out that we used special rubber type. I think he believed me!'

DOG’S DINNER: 'This was taken at the imperial Hotel, Torquay, where I was having lunch with my Weimaraner Willy for a Mirror feature (the hotel has just allowed guests to stay there with their dogs). The dog behaved better than I did, as I later got pissed with some blokes at the bar. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed was less than pleased'


TWO OF A KIND: With Ross Benson

UP PERISCOPES: 'This was to illustrate a feature I wrote about an exhibition of one-man subs used in the war. Actually, I also thought that the submarine film Above Us The Waves was about a ladies' hairdressers!'

callan hitler.jpg

HERRS APPARENT: Paul’s daughter Jessica Callan Olsen posted this picture on Facebook with the message: 'Thank you all so much for your incredible messages about Paul Callan. He would be utterly revelling in all the attention. We are reading every single message and laughing and crying (sorry about the cliché, daddy 😉) and feeling the love from you all. 

'Here is one of my favourite photos of him with our hero Mel Brooks. According to him, Mel was extremely jealous that dad’s Hitler impression was better than his ...'

THE TWO OF US: With wife Steffi Fields Callan who wrote on Facebook, 'So sad to say my husband of over 40 years, Paul Callan, passed away suddenly yesterday after a fall. He had an incredible life and career and loved being the father of Jessica Callan Olsen and James Callan and the doting grandfather of Scarlett and Gabriel. You always knew when he was around — follow the laughter’




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