PHOTONEWS: Daily Express Backbench 1982

HAPPY DAYS: This picture, taken on 15th March,1982 at the Daily Express newsroom in Fleet Street, London, shows backbenchers Phil Walker, right, and Pat Pilton sharing a joke with bow-tied editor Christopher Ward                       Photo by PATRICK ROWLEY

BACKBENCH IN FLEET STREET: Pictured from left are Pat Pilton, night editor Craig Orr, Rick McNeill and Terry Manners. All photos below were taken on 25 February 1982

BUSY EDITION: Norman Cox, Hickey sub; Dougie Mann, news sub (obscured); Pat Pilton; Craig Orr; John Jinks, news desk; Ray Cave, art desk; and Terry Manners

Craig checks a page make-up ...

…. and sorts some pictures

Craig Orr discusses the edition with, Rick McNeill, Terry Manners and Tony Grantham

Daily Express chief photographer John Downing and Hickey diarist Ross Benson, on the Newsdesk with Paul Eccleston, 11 October 1984

CHECKING PAGE PROOFS: News sub Paul McElroy, Craig Orr and stone sub Joe Barrett





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