PHOTONEWS: More editorial from the 1980s

This is the final batch of editorial and other office pix taken by PATRICK ROWLEY in the 1980s. The subjects of many of these cannot be identified. So help with these would be appreciated. 

bride foyer 2oct81

Bride to be in foyer: 2nd October 1981

Ron from circulation and statistics, 8th September 1983

Bill Warren, Advertising Director, Daily Star, 8th September 1983.
Thanks to Simon Owen for this ident and the one below.

Eric Davies, Advertising Field Sales Manager, Daily Express, 8th September 1983

? 8th September 1983

? 8th September 1983

Sunday Express, October 1987

Michael Gabbert, editor Daily Star (for eight weeks)


Financial writer Rob Gibson

mystery man2

Michael Gabbert, editor Daily Star (for eight weeks)

No idea

Star photographer Stanley Meagher, 8th September 1983

stan meagher2

Stan again

Stan Myerson, advertising, 8th September 1983

Dave Ofield, Star editorial, 8th September 1983. Dave went on to become picture editor of the Evening Standard

Sunday Express editorial meeting. From left, Keith Turner (associate editor), Ken Parker (art), Ted Dickinson (later to become deputy editor) and Brian Hitchen (deputy editor), 24 September, 1987. Editor at the time was Robin Esser, who would have been behind the desk, Hitchen took over in 1994

Bert Reavely, Daily Star picture desk, September 1983

Alasdair Buchan, Star editorial. Thanks to Roy Geenslade for the ident. Alasdair went on to work mainly for the Sunday Mirror. He is the son of former Labour MP for Paisley South Norman Buchan, and former Glasgow Labour MEP, Janey Buchan.

Steve Curry, Daily Express Sports writer with Barry Flatman, September 1983

Steve Curry, Sports writer

Mystery woman





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