Philip the gaffer


Five years ago Ashley Walton, former Daily Express Royal Correspondent, and his co-writer Phil Dampier, ex-Daily Star, published the Duke of Hazard detailing the many controversial, outspoken, forthright, funny and rude public remarks of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The book turned out to be a bestseller, achieving mass publicity worldwide.

The authors thought that was it but Prince Philip clearly doesn't give a damn about what people think of him. Over those five years he has given Walton and Dampier enough material for a second volume.

The new book, Prince Philip, Wise Words and Golden Gaffes, has already achieved page leads in the Express, Daily Star,  Daily Mail, Mirror, Evening Standard and The People website. There have also been pieces in the US Huffington Post and the New York Times. Philip's quips and faux pas have provided fodder for cartoonists and columnists for decades and his one-liners are globally famous. But less well known is his perception of the state of the world and his thoughtfulness about the lives we lead.


'The Duke is at his best when he is being downright rude to people,' says Walton. 'He is the Prince of Political Incorrectness.'

This is Walton and Dampier's fifth book and their total sales to date are more than 60,000. Other titles are 'What's in the Queen's Handbag', 'Gaffers, The Wit and Wisdom of Football Managers' and 'The Wit and Wisdom of British Prime Ministers'.

The latest volume is published by Barzipan and is available on Amazon and can be downloaded to your Kindle. The Duke of Hazard is also still on sale on Amazon.

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