Oh no John!


FORMER Sunday Express literary editor Graham Lord’s new book Lord’s Ladies and Gentlemen chronicles his encounters with 100 legends of the 20th century.

There is also an entertaining recollection of SX editor, John Junor (pictured above).

“I think JJ propositioned the wives of almost every member of his staff," Lord recalls.

“During one Sunday Express cricket match against his Surrey village, Charlwood, on a blazing summer day, the very good-looking wife of one of our sports writers was foolish enough to remark how hot it was. Junor pounced.

“He kept insisting that she should go with him to Wellpools for a cold shower, and he was so persistent that eventually she agreed.

“As she stepped out of the shower she saw him standing in the doorway wearing nothing but underpants and a leer.

“‘Oh, John!’ she said. ‘We’ve been such good friends for so long, let’s not spoil it.’ He crept red-faced out of the room and she escaped unsullied.

“Even though JJ looked like a seedy gargoyle as he grew older he leered at almost every woman he met, propositioned many, and instructed his showbiz correspondent, Roderick Mann, to play the pimp by regularly persuading pretty young actresses to meet him for cosy dinners.”

Source: Press Gazette

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