Natalie and Gordon’s wedding

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THE HAPPIEST PICTURES ARE IN THE DRONE: This was the scene when Natalie Wood, daughter of star photographer Steve Wood, wed her sweetheart Gordon Ferguson. The couple met in 2013 on an oil rig bobbing in the North Sea. Gordon works as a coordinator on oil platforms in the North Sea for BP. 

Natalie is a geologist specialising in petrochemicals who formerly worked for BP but is now employed in London. Gordon is a drilling engineer.

Steve, who worked on the Daily Express for many years, is pictured seated on the right with his wife Sally at the ceremony in Compton, Surrey, on Saturday, 15 September.

After the reception in Godalming, the couple drove away in Steve’s Ferrari, which he says is one of only nine in the world.

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Tying the Knot              Picture by STEVE WOOD

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