Moya’s Tim Holder originals

Moya Gwinnell, who was Daily Express managing editor Struan Coupar’s secretary back in the day, has discovered some treasures in her files — a selection of birthday cards drawn by art editor Tim Holder.

She told the Drone: "Tim and I were good friends for many years at the Express and after I left he and Elizabeth even came to my wedding and I miss him dearly.  

"I was fortunate to have cards every year but have found these."

BEFORE YOU GO: Moya gets a birthday greeting from boss Struan Coupar

GREETINGS: The back of the above card. Struan is holding a makeup of the Express house magazine Crusader

NEVER MIND THE EXES: Moya with showbiz secretary Lorraine

PAPER MOUNTAIN: Moya with Janet Reagan who married sports sub Ray Williams

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