Last night of the Daily Star in Manchester

HERE'S the result of another excursion into the dusty annals, this time by Mike Hughes who has found these pictures of the Daily Star’s last day in Ancoats, Manchester, in May 1989 before the paper transferred to London.

The Daily Star celebrated its 40th anniversary on 4 November, 2018.

Words and pictures by MIKE HUGHES

UPFRONT: Mike Hughes chooses the final Star Bird with Deputy Picture Editor Colin Gower

LAST OF THE MANY: Once there were 400 members of the NUJ chapel in Ancoats. Million-pound subs (well not far off) with their redundancy cheques. Back row on the right is Ken Hillman, deceased. Front from the left: Colin Wright (deceased) the best tit caption writer in the business; Huw Ash; Colin Gower (deceased) Deputy Picture Editor; Tony Callaghan; Mike Hughes; a.n.other; Simon Bygrave (deceased) son of Sunday Express Northern Editor, Howard.

SUBS AT WORK: Along with spikes and glue pots! Huw Ash on the Back Bench phone, Mike Hughes to his left, Middle Bench. On the left Mal Tattersall, who is still working on the paper in London; Colin Wright (centre) and Simon Bygrave. Downtable in the foreground. Shiv Sharma, still with us and living in Cheshire; Bill ? with goatee, long gone. Can’t remember guy in glasses on the right.

Daily Star staff: Caption to come

Mike Hughes sees off the final front page

Mike Hughes on the Backbench with Northern News Editor, Maurice Richards, (deceased)

And finally one from the Express in Manchester


IRON RULE: A steely Ted Hodgson views the newsroom with Alf Gregory to his left. Then, from left, Bob Cocksworth, Tony Fowler, Alex Stuttard beavering away of Page One and Mike Hughes. This pic dates from around 1971.

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