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Oi there. Yes, you. 

Did you work on Reveille, Sunday People, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Sporting Life, Daily Record, Sunday Mail? Have you got an old pension or deferred pension from any of the Mirror titles? 

If so, why not join the Association of Mirror Pensioners (AMP). It costs only a tenner for life. 

We keep a sharp eye on all the Mirror Group pension schemes. We are in regular contact with the company and the pension scheme trustees. We take professional advice whenever necessary and liaise with other pension groups. 

We continue to build up a war chest – thanks to members’ voluntary extra contributions – so that we can again be ready to fight through the courts if needs be. 

Above all, we are here to help our members. All of them.

Join straightaway and wherever you live in the UK or abroad you will be in time to receive a copy of the Spring issue – due out mid-May – of our full-colour newsletter. A second newsletter – 16 pages of lively and relevant news and features – is published every autumn. ONLY AMP MEMBERS RECEIVE OUR NEWSLETTERS.

We like to keep in touch. Many members renew auld acquaintance at our annual meetings in London (October) and Glasgow (November) and make a day of it. Whatever your job – van driver, printer, journalist, admin, security, building maintenance, librarian ... come out from under and join us. 

You'll be in good company with the old gang – let's not forget your pension is a seriously important matter for both you and your loved ones.

Just £10 – that's a couple of drinks and a packet of pork scratchings. 

C'mon! Go to and read all about us. You can download a joining form, or get in touch using the Contact Us link.

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