Joe Allen opens its doors to the Drone

The new restaurant has moved a few yards round the corner from its old premises to Burleigh Street and is visible from The Strand. Two tables are situated on a verandah overlooking the street 

The all-important bar area is roughly a quarter of the size of the old one in Exeter Street

The restaurant is on two levels, this being the lower one. The brick-lined walls are identical to the old restaurant but the main difference is that the new place is street-level and not in a basement

This is the upper level and quite a small area. At a guess we would say the new premises are half the size of the old restaurant but none the worse for that. Initial impressions are very good

The World’s Greatest Lunch Club were privileged to be some of the first guests to eat at the new Joe Allen. They are, from left, Richard Dismore, David Eliades, Terry Manners, Roger Watkins and Alastair McIntyre. The restaurant opened officially on September 1

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