Reggie on his bike

Rider Reg C

Clive Goozee has been rooting about in his digital drawers. He writes:

I was trawling through some pictures on my desktop when I came across this. 

It's Reg Cooper, who died in October 2007. He was a good cyclist in his youth and he never used gears judging by this picture. I love the hair net and the bicycle pump. Now they just give you a new wheel.  

He switched from news subs to sport when the Express moved to the Blackfriars Lubjanka. I recall one evening when Reg was given some golf to sub from Tennessee. Whether by accident or design, he phoned the Press centre. When his call was answered he said in a not too quiet voice: "Pardon me, sir. Is that the Chattanooga Golf Club." 

It brought the house down. He lived in Buckinghamshire and often gave me lifts home to Harrow. Reg was a diamond (appropriately he used to do some freelance subbing and page desigining for De Beers) and great fun to work with. I still keep in touch with his wife, Ev.

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