SUNDAY 19  MAY 2024



Geronimo railroaded into captivity

September 10, 1886: At a rest stop on the Southern Pacific Railway near the Nueces River in Texas an American legend prepares to spend the rest of his life in captivity. It’s Geronimo (front row, third from right), iconic leader of the feared Apache tribe. He and the rest of his band are on their way to Fort Sills in Texas, where he died, a prisoner of war, 23 years later. Also pictured (back row, third from right) is the formidable female warrior and strategist Lozen, known as the Apache Joan of Arc. She died from TB a year after this picture, the only one of her, was taken.

Bum, set and match

1976: No bedroom wall at the time could be without this poster of the Tennis Girl feeling her bum but a front view of the 18-year-old who posed for it is rarer. Meet Fiona Butler whose then boyfriend set up and snapped the iconic image. Although the £2 poster sold more than two million copies worldwide, Fiona didn’t receive a penny in royalties. But the mother of three, now in her sixties, is cool about that: she’s just glad the poster is in the Wimbledon Museum.

Picture research: Awards nominee Rosalie Rambleshanks, trainee (still).

Ena, belle of the Bell

October 21, 1965: ‘ecky thump. I’ll go to ‘t foot of ‘t stairs. This is a familiar face in a familiar pub enjoying a reet gradely (Stop it, lady. This piss-taking of our Northern cousins is not funny or clever — Ed) pint. 

Yes, it’s actress Violet Carson, aka Ena Sharples, who had a loose connection with the Express: she was born in Ancoats, Manchester, and this snap of her celebrating receiving the OBE was taken in the Old Bell in Fleet Street. 

Our Vi, who died nearly 40 years ago, was, of course, best known for her impactful appearances in Coronation Street but she wasn’t a one-trick pony: she used to play the piano in the long-running radio show, Have a Go, with Wilfred and Mabel Pickles, sang on Stars on Sunday and even acted in Shakespeare.