Features subs’ redundo party

ELAINE CANHAM has been delving into her dusty records and unearthed this series of pictures of a redundancy celebration by Daily Express features subs in, we guess 1985, when a lot of people left the paper. The venue was the old City Golf Club opposite the Fleet Street offices in London.

Here’s Elaine, far left, with Norman Cox, Jeff Boyle and features secretary Alison Greenacre

Hickey sub Angela Brown with cartoonist Nick Baker

Angela Brown and Peter Robinson putting the fork in

Peter Swift

From left, Colin Margerison, Norman Cox and Dave Searby

Jeff Boyle and David Emanuel

David Emanuel and Ross Tayne

Right to left: Chris Williams, Geoff Compton and in the background Ross Tayne

Norman Cox, Dave Searby and Mike Snaith

Ross Tayne pours a glass of champagne for Peter Robinson

John Sebastian and fellow sub Pat Pett

Jeff Boyle shows his appreciation of David Emanuel

Ross Tayne and Elaine Canham

John Mulcock, Mike Snaith and Mike Cowton

Malcolm Markland and Simon Brodbeck

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