Expressmen on a jolly to the sun – and that’s a fact

ROGER WATKINS has been up in his loft again and unearthed these pictures, the first of which, believe it or not, is of Peter Hill, later editor of the Daily Star and Daily Express.

Watkins explains: These pix of me, Docker Mills, Phil Durrant and Peter Hill were taken in Tampa when we were on a new tech “fact-finding mission" on behalf of Express Newspapers in the early Nineties.  

Actually, it was a kind of reward and leaving present from Murdoch MacLennan who was quitting his post as production director to go to the Telegraph. 

We had all been editorial members of his team smoothing the transition from Fleet Street to Blackfriars Road. 

Predictably there was some opposition from some people (one of whom had the initials PP). [He means deputy editor Paul Potts – Ed].

Murdoch countered this by slipping me my plane tickets plus accommodation vouchers personally at his leaving do!

Needless to say a good time was had by all – and no we didn't learn much. 

 SHADY SHEIKH: Peter Hill on his sunlounger ‘finding facts' in Tampa

HANKY PANKY: Ray Mills plays the Englishman abroad

KEEPING UP APPEARANCES: Phil Durrant takes the formal approach to beachwear

FACTS? I SEE NO FACTS: From left, Phil Durrant, Roger Watkins, Ray Mills and Peter Hill

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