Express v Southampton Press Club 1976

The Daily Express cricket team turn out for action against the Southampton Press Club in the summer of 1976 in a picture unearthed Downunder by Chris Chalke. The hosts won the toss and decided unwisely to bowl first which meant our team retired to the beer tent. The Expressmen got progressively more and more pissed and by the time we had been bowled out all the beer had been drunk. Not surprisingly we lost handsomely. But no-one gave a toss.

From left above: Brian Cashinella, Rory Clements, Terry Manners (kneeling), Brian Thistlethwaite, Chris Chalke, Lloyd Turner, Les Diver, Geoff Compton, Alastair McIntyre, Nick Pigott, Pat Welland, Paul McElroy and Bob Smith (beer tent in the background

        Cliff Barr (obscured), Chris Chalke and Geoff and Caroline Compton. Standing           behind is a six-year-old Jane McIntyre

 Chris McIntyre (standing), Terry Manners with his wife Carol (seated), Cliff Barr, Alastair McIntyre, Alison Clements, Geoff Compton with wife Caroline, Brian Thistlethwaite  

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