Eliades collection: Night time at the Daily Express

These pictures are from the collection of former Daily Express night foreign editor David Eliades. The newsroom pix were probably taken in the 1970s and 1980s.

2 David work photo 1979.jpeg

NEWSPAPERMEN: David Eliades and photographer John Rogers in the Daily Express newsroom with the middle bench and back bench in the background. Behind John, Chris Williams is talking to a bearded Terry Manners. Middle bench: Copytaster Les Diver, chief sub Roger Watkins. Far left is Joe Neal with Roy Anderson on his left. In the foreground behind David is Graham Noble. Back bench includes Denis Brierly, Tony Armstrong, Craig Orr, Lloyd Turner and Arthur Percy Firth.

THE GLUMS: Not sure what the occasion was but it didn’t look like good news. Larry Lamb, Express editor from 1983 to 1986 is pictured seated far left, behind him is Claire Myerson, his secretary and next to her is news sub Ian Benfield. The pipe smoker seated centre is Peter Chambers, star columnist and later travel editor.

In the middle distance are managing editor Struan Coupar, news sub David Lucas, features secretary Esther Harrod (seated), Hickey sub Angela Brown, features sub Simon Brodbeck, and news sub Dan McDonald. 

Standing at the rear are general manager Mike Murphy, foreign desk clerk Derek, show biz secretary Tinu, showbiz secretary Lorraine Beaumont, Tim Holder, Ray King, Sunday Express editor Robin Esser, features sub Colin Margerison, news subs Nick Pigott and Brian Izzard, features sub Dave Searby, Manchester Desk sub Peter (surname?), foreign correspondent Michael Brown and, we think, picture editor Andrew Harvey. The man leaning forward is Bob Millar, consumer reporter. Behind Michael Brown is TV editor Jim Murray. News reporters Liz Gill and Leon Symons are far right at the rear.


BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL: David Eliades on the night foreign desk long before the dawn of the so-called paperless office

DIALLING THE WORLD: This impressive line-up of Daily Express foreign correspondents includes, front row, chief foreign correspondent Rene MacColl, David English and George  Gale. Behind MacColl is Andy Fyall. Behind English is photographer Bill Lovelace. Stephen Harper is in the back row, second left, and John Ellison is second row, far right. At the back, top left, is Robin Stafford. 

David, right, with his former wife Patricia and comedian Dave Allen. The identity of the woman in the middle is not known

NIGHT NEWSROOM: Express middle and backbenches with night sub Bob Haylett smiling in dark shirt next to David Eliades in white shirt. Seated at the back, just visible are night news editor Terry Chinery and night reporter Ted Daly. The clock reads 2.27am

GRAVEYARD SHIFT: Most people have gone home, not surpising as it’s 2.26am. Editorial shifts finished at 4am but is earlier now, mainly because the print run is not so long

FAREWELL: This looks like a leaving do. The only people the editor can identify are John Whelan from the foreign desk and on his left, literary editor Peter Grosvenor and Jim Nichol. In the back row is Sunday Express editor John Junor. Evening Standard editor Charles Wintour is in the back row far left, nearby are Robin Stafford, Bob Edwards and cartoonist Roy Ullyet. Second row, far right is Ian McColl. Showbiz reporter Judith Simons is in the second row behind the man in the light grey suit.

JEREMY GATES writes: The picture is almost certainly a leaving do — one of several — for John Young, who was a famous news editor for about 50 years and right through the Second World War, I think. He is sitting in the throne in the middle. I am pretty sure his secretary was Yolande Brook, who transferred to Bruce Kemble (and later Mike Evans) after Young's departure. She was a cuttings queen, used to cut out absolutely everything which could be filed..

To the left of picture near the front is a smiling Tom Wilson, news editor for many years but relegated to Readers Letters Editor when he failed to turn up a picture of Norma Levy, which the Mail got instead.  He retired in 1977, so picture is taken 1975 or 1976.  

Young lived to about 97, I think. Yolande often kept an eye on him in his retirement.

The picture also includes Miffy Jones, legendary queen of the typing pool who decided who could have a secretary and when, really.

To the left of the throne is Peter Drake, then Managing Editor. Just behind him is Doris, the rather elegant sports secretary who was married to somebody quite wealthy, I think.

BOTTOMS UP: Michael Brown, left, our man in Paris for many years, David Eliades, Stephen Harper, Robin Stafford and photographer Leslie Lee

David Eliades at work

Eliades again

Lighting-up time

Eliades in his youth 

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