Drone TV

A short walk down Fleet Street


John Downing on ITV Wales (23 Minutes)

Clive James at the Express
(48 Minutes, relevant section starts at 24.20)

The Crusader Years (90 minutes)

The architecture of Fleet Street (10 minutes)

The reluctant editor (45 minutes)

GARY JONES has brought decency back to the Daily Express by banning anti-migrant and anti-Muslim stories and ending the paper’s obession with dodgy weather stories.

But is this former Mirrorman the right person to be editing the paper? A lifetime Labour voter, Jones appears uncomfortable in the role in this 45-minute interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Printing the Daily Express, 1940 (9 minutes)

Fleet Street’s last lunch (15 minutes)

Life After the Front Page (16 minutes)

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