Drones’ Christmas nosebag

Joe Allen’s restaurant, London, December 11th, 2013. 

For some reason, can’t think what, some pictures are a trifle blurred. We have received the following communiqué regarding the photographic excellence of the Daily Drone’s pictures.

My Dear Lord Drone,

With regard to the extreme graininess of several images, published on your mighty organ in connection with a recent event at Joe Allen's, may I suggest that next time round, you engage the photographic services of that rather talented waitress from the Spaghetti House.

I remain your obedient servant,

Monsewer Tony Boullemier.

Lord Drone comments: The pictures to which the Monsewer refers were taken by the erstwhile Picture Editor of the Sunday Express so their quality must surely be without question. Anyway, graininess in photographic images conforms to the house style of my esteemed organ. And it has never mattered very much to the Daily Express.

*The waitress’s snap of the Spaghetti House Siege may be viewed on the Home page

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