Daily Express Lensmen in the Sixties


SIXTY-TWO OF THE BEST: Meet the Daily Express photographic team from London, Manchester and Glasgow offices in a suitably grainy picture from the 1960s. Who can you name? Reg Lancaster is on the far left in the front row and John Knill, who supplied this picture is in the back row, fourth from the right. Just 60 more snappers to name then ...


The Manchester team:

Front, left to right: Bill Gregory, Eddie Rawlinson, Barry Henson (Leeds) 

Seated: Laurie Lea, David Cooksey, Aubrey Mathews, Stan Pope ( Liverpool), Gordon Amory.

Standing: Cliff Bedell (Dublin), Leo Carter, Robert ‘Jock’ Johnson (Newcastle), Brian Duff.

Rear: John Knill, Alan Scargill, John Lyth, Bob Renton (Belfast).

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