Don Woodward, production legend

Don Woodward, centre, with Clive Goozee and the late Norman Dixon at a reunion in the grand foyer of the Daily Express in July 2008


Former Daily Express Deputy Sports Editor Don Woodward has died in Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham. He was 87. He joined the Express in the late 1950s from The Star, the London evening paper, which was swallowed up by the Evening News in 1960. 

Don was a newspaper production legend and enjoyed the Express’s glory days when the circulation topped four million a day. He was a master of page design and a genius at making quick changes when a big story broke. At the end of a busy evening he would be off for ‘a spot of medicine’ with some of the sports team. Who would have thought — journalists in the pub at closing time?

Don took his wife Cathie from Orpington back to their home county when he retired in 1988. They bought a flat in the centre of Nottingham in the former maternity hospital where local MP Kenneth Clarke was born. He closed it when he was Health Secretary. 

For a number of years the Woodwards lived there only in summer, preferring the warmth of New South Wales and Florida to the British winter.

Don married Cathie on May 5 1953, Coronation year, and they celebrated their diamond wedding with a party five years ago at Don’s second home, Trent Bridge, where he was a respected member. He gave an amusing speech to the assembled company but Cathie said it was too long! She died in 2015. 

He was also a member of Sherwood Forest Golf Club and wrote a book about its history. 

Don leaves five children, David, Peter, Kim, Jane and Ann, eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren. 


Don with the late John Lloyd at the Fleet Street reunion

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