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FRIENDS have paid tribute to one of life's gentlemen, Colin Pratt, former Thames Valley reporter of the Daily Express.

Colin, who joined the Express in 1967, died at his home in France on 16th June, 2013 after a year-long fight against cancer of the liver. He was 76. He leaves a wife, Angie, son Andrew and daughter Louise.

Tom Brown said of his old friend and colleague: 'Colin was a junior officer with the Gurkhas when he did his National Service in, I think, Malaya,  and that’s where he met Angie, whose father was in the Army. 

'I remember meeting some of his Gurkha friends at their home at The Lee in Buckinghamshire, and we went to an amazing night when they were barracked near there. I vaguely recall something to do with an animal ritually slaughtered with a kukri, which was later served as dinner! 

'And we were at the official opening of a pub called The Gurkha just outside Slough. They were amazing men – tiny, tough and always laughing -- and could they drink!"

Arliss Rhind, former Daily Express news editor, said: 'My memories have always been of a fine, honest friend, and one of the best journalists I had the pleasure of working with. Colin was one of a great band of reporters who graced Fleet Street while I had the privilege of being there.'

Brian Steel, a fellow reporter and later news editor of the Daily Star said: 'Colin was a real gent - everybody knows he was a great reporter and all-round good guy.”

Simon Harries said: 'An amazing and inspirational man! He will be very much missed by his family and so many friends. So many huge stories covered - I used to take great pride in looking for Colin's bylines and knowing that I knew him.'

Alan Cochrane, now Scottish editor of the Daily Telegraph, added: “Dreadful news. A lovely man.”

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