First Tuesday

Clancy boys: There was a big turnout for the February 2014 meeting of Express old timers, the First Tuesday Club. Paddy Clancy, third from the right, visited from Ireland and Frank Thorne, front row second from left, glanced in from Australia. Also in the picture are Alan Cochrane, Steve Wood, Tony Sapiano, David Eliades, Peter Shirley, John ‘Bomber’ Burns, Leon Symons, Dave ‘Bilko’ Bealing and Jim Watson. The club meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Old Bank of England pub in Fleet Street, London.

Stands the clock at ten past three: The First Tuesday Club having fun at their December 2013 meeting. Pictured, from left, are photographer Tom Smith, reporter John ‘Bomber’ Burns, photographer Tony Sapiano, pensions expert Cliff Seabridge, Night News Editor David Eliades (giving thumbs up), photographer Norman Potter, former Sunday Express executive David Haigh, photographer Peter Shirley (arms extended), photographer Bill Orchard who in the 1960s toured with many A-list bands including two years with The Beatles and with the Rolling Stones, and Brian Freemantle, former Daily Expressman who became Foreign Editor of the Daily Mail

SNAP! Its the First Tuesday Club again in a suitably grainy picture of five photographers. They are, from left, Jack Kay, Peter Shirley, Maurice Hibberd, Tony Sapiano and Bill Orchard. The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Old Bank of England pub in Fleet Street. It has been hastily pointed out that the pic was not taken by a photographer. Perish the thought.

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