Boullemier's MAJESTIC NEW Book

Former Daily Express sub Tony Boullemier has a new book out. It’s The Little Book of Monarchs, a concise history of every English king and queen since 1066.

He’s subbed each reign down to a page of fascinating bullet points, with a fun cartoon on every facing page to aid the memory.

Tony started writing The Little Book of Monarchs after seeing a child interviewed on TV, who thought Churchill was the nodding dog in the insurance ads.


He says: “Not one child in 159 comprehensive schools sat the GCSE history exam in 2010. And if they study history at all, it’s likely to be a few specific periods like the Tudors and World War ll. They learn more about Hitler than Henry V.

“England’s monarchs are fascinating and I want to give readers a proper chronological account of them and a full historical perspective.”

Suzannah Lipscomb, the TV historian and author said: “Take Tony Boullemier's pithy, precise and lively text, add Adrian Teal's delightful and amusing cartoons, and what do you get? A wonderfully accurate and fascinating little guide to English monarchs.

“It takes monumental discipline and expansive knowledge to fit each monarch into 90 words - but Tony pulls it off with aplomb.”

The book is aimed at children from 10 upwards. But the author believes students, older readers and quiz enthusiasts will find it equally useful as an aide memoire.

Tony was chief subbing the DX in 1975 when he left to launch his own weekly paper in Northamptonshire together with his wife and partners. They built it into a group of 16 titles circulating 400,000 copies a week. After selling out to Thomson Regional Newspapers in 1988 he returned to freelance at the DX and SX in the 90s, before embarking on consultancy work and then writing.

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The Little Book of Monarchs can be ordered through the publisher’s online bookshop at

This is Tony’s second book. Six years ago he published an historical novel, Leonie and the Last Napoleon, available from the same publisher.


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