Bob Edwards

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The only man to have been fired twice as editor of the Daily Express, despite being Lord Beaverbrook's favourite, has died aged 86.

David Hardy recalls: Bob Edwards was a strange cove. I remember when John Lennon was shot. Edwards was not too sympathetic and the coverage upset a few Sunday Mirror readers.

There was some sort of office drinks do and Tim Minogue was in a group chatting to the editor. Someone, possibly Minogue, mentioned the reader backlash.

Edwards snarled back: 'Backlash? What fucking backlash? There were no complaints from the readers. Sheridan! (his hapless PA) Show these bastards the letters file, there were no fucking letters, I expect a bit of loyalty from my staff and if you don't like it you can fuck off – in  fact I wish you would.'

Brief pause 'and she was on that fucking train!'


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