Back to hot metal (for one day only)


Former members of Express Newspapers staff got together for a printing event at Chalk Pits Museum, Amberley, West Sussex, on June 11. They are, from left, Nick Hill, features sub-editor; Andy Douglass, Linotype operator; Jackie Wood, designer, Sunday Express and International Express; John Spurgin, Overseer, Daily Express; and Steve ‘Biffo’ Wood, Daily Express and International Express. John Spurgin runs the print museum at Amberley as a volunteer and Andy Douglass, who is a skilled engineer, carries out maintenance and repair and gives demonstrations on two working Linotype machines.


TUTORIAL: Andy Douglass chats to Jackie Wood in the print room at Amberley...


… and then instructs her on the considerable intricacies of the Linotype machine


JOB DONE: Jackie at her 'work station'


OLD CROCK: That’s the Post Office Telephones Morris Minor van, not Nick Hill


ON THE BUSES: Nick Hill again


CUPPAS ALL ROUND: John Spurgin and Andy Douglass relax after the demonstration 

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