A class act and a great character



During 28 years on the Daily Express, 20 of which, serving as a Picture Desk jockey in Manchester, I had many a long phone chat with Terry Evans on the HQ desk, exchanging our daily schedules, on some good and some not-so-good days concerning the events and pictures that would help to fill The World’s Greatest. 

I can't hope to match the brilliant tribute made by Dick Dismore in The Drone, but would like to add my heartfelt thanks to a Great Character. Terry was a very sensitive man, which came to light when I was made redundant together with many of our Manchester colleagues in 1989. 

The management of the day were callous and thankless to many of us who had served for so many years, Terry felt this and did his best on behalf of the Picture Desk to say thank you.

While spending my last two weeks on the DX Picture Desk in London, handing over the freelance lists etc, Terry persuaded editor Sir Nicholas Lloyd to invite me to have drinks with the high and mighty in his office together with a presentation. He also organised lunch in the boardroom with old mates from the North and South of Watford. 

That was a much appreciated gesture from the class act who was Terry Evans.

Farewell Tel, my old mate!

Dick Dismores tribute

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