The effing mighty has fallen


Peter Hill, former editor of the Daily Express who was noted for his bullying manner and foul-mouthed ranting at staff while at the helm of our great organ has resurfaced as a guest editor of an Age UK pamphlet.

A correspondent, who still shudders at the memory of Hill's crackpot stewardship, reports: The booklet landed on my mat today. How the mighty have fallen ... from being a victim of ageism and pitched out on his ear by Dirty Dicky Desmond, selling gold-plated jim-jams to make ends meet and being the mouthpiece for crumblies everywhere. 

"We miss the camaraderie and badinage of the workplace" should read, "I spent years monstering the staff with great relish and constantly libelled the poor McCanns without a shred of conscience". 

The other irony: it's Age UK's "Spread the Warmth" issue! Makes you shiver.

The nightie editor

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