Remembering Reg Lancaster

Reg Lancaster, one of the star photographers from the great days of the Daily Express, died on 13 December, 2020.

Reg photographed everything from sport and news to celebrity and film sets. He was on the staff of the paper for 44 years, joining in 1951. He spent time in London, Scotland and Paris. Reg was also a talented filmmaker and writer.

Former picture desk collegaue TONY LANGRIDGE said: I was sorry to learn of the passing of Reg. Without a doubt it was widely known fact that he was the consummate professional in the Photographic world, a Fleet Street Legend as correctly described  by a previous DX Pic Ed John Mead.

I worked as a casual on the Picture Desk for 37 years, (1972-2009) and got to know so many great photographers and desk staff who were all at the top of their game in those heady times that was  the 1970s/1980s. Downing, Morrison, Lee, McKeown, Lovelace, Djukanovic, Jack Lee and the much loved Terry Evans to name a few. 

They were all out and out 100 per cent Expressmen whose characters and dedication matched their professionalism. It was always well known that Reg was a fanatical Man Utd football fan and is no doubt in the process of arranging a photoshoot with who else but Sir Matt Busby himself! RIP Reg.

Facebook tributes follow after these pics.

With Bob McGowan and chum on assignment in Uganda

Back row: John Mead, Dougie Morrison. Front row: Reg, John Downing and Tom Smith

With John Rogers, centre, and Dougie Morrison

The following tributes were posted on Facebook 

Melanie Whitehouse

Such sad news. I loved working with Reg. Goodbye, old friend — I know you’ll be up there taking some wonderful snaps of the pearly gates. 

Margaret Hussey
Such a gentleman and a great photographer.

Melanie Whitehouse
Margaret Hussey wasn’t he. I was so fond of him but almost all of our dx photographers were wonderful. We were so lucky. 

Margaret Hussey
Melanie Whitehouse we were. Like you I loved doing jobs with him. V caring and great stories. X

John Mead
RIP Reg … a true Fleet Street legend a Picture Editor’s dream player and friend in a wonderful team who will be sorely missed!

Steve Carpenter
Oh dear. Another Gent, gone. Reg oozed enthusiasm for his photography and films. Always remember his punchline to story "With one bound, he was free!" R.I.P. Reg.

Mike Gunnill
A gentleman photographer also willing to help and teach. A legend and hero for me!

David Richardson
This is Reg’s Nikon. “Bought” it from the DX when he got new cameras. Accounts then forgot to bill me.
RIP Reg. A gentleman 

Louise Robinson
Lovely, lovely man. 

Paul Lovelace
RIP Reg, a good friend of my Dad’s for many years and also so nice to me. Will never forget that. A real gentleman! I will always remember Reg as such a positive, driven person, and great photographer.

Stuart Clarke
I was a darkroom boy at Anglia Press in the early 1970s when I first met Reg, he was a gentleman and was always kept an eye out for me, a fine man and great photographer. I am proud to have known him. 

Jill Palmer
So many great Fleet Street photographers have died this year. We all have such fond memories of working with them.

Alan Frame
Reg was a delightful and clever man, a great photographer and, as far as I can work out, the last Expressman, other than Geoff Levy, to have worked under Beaverbrook himself. When Reg was with the DX Paris bureau he was always on call to rush to the Beaver’s side when the old man was in town. So good to see him being called a gentleman because that is exactly what he was. RIP.

Harvey Mann
Alan Frame yes to all the good things you could say about Reg, I also knew his father well from my many trips to Glasgow where his dad ran the Darkroom, father and son were both gents.

Paddy Clancy
Reg was a gent with the greatest team of photographers I ever worked with as a reporter in the 70s

Paul Crosbie
That's sad, he was a lovely man and good to work with.

Frank Thorne
Worked with Reg in my early days at the Daily Express. Top photographer. RIP Reg.

Jill Rosenlund
Very sad. I was always very pleased to see him when he turned up on one of my photocalls for the BBC

Stuart Nicol
Such sad news. Reg was such a lovely man, a real gentleman and a very hard working photographer. He was very kind to me and helped me adapt to life in the Express building when the Evening Standard moved there in the early 1980's. RIP my old friend.

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