Picture Special: Bill Reynolds


JOURNEY’S END: Bill, second from right, at the end of a walk across the Seven Sisters from Eastbourne to Berwick, East Sussex, in 2010. Bill, known to his friends as Didge, is pictured here with Express colleagues, from left, Brian Izzard, Steve and Jackie Wood, and Ray King


LUNCH BREAK: With John Mulcock and Brian Izzard in 2006

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TOP TABLE: Lunch at the Spaghetti House in Holborn, London, with, from left, Ashley Walton, Alastair McIntyre, Bill, Ray King, Ross Tayne and Tony Boullemier in October 2013

REUNION: Ray and Bill at Brasserie Zedel in London in February 2015

OLD CHUMS: Bill at lunch in Shepherds Market, Mayfair, with Alastair ‘Bingo’ McIntyre, in May 2015. Didge, who had been suffering from cancer, died four months later

Didge and tuppy

THREESOME : Bill with Alastair McIntyre and Nick Pigott at Brian Izzard’s wedding in 2003


HAPPY GAMPER: Didge at Brian Izzard’s wedding with Ray and Maggie King and Margaret

HERE FOR THE BEER: Didge with David Laws and Brian Izzard’s pal John on a walk in 2006

SALAD DAYS: John Mulcock, Chris McIntyre, Didge, Brian Izzard and Jackie Wood’s bonce

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