PHOTONEWS: Daily Express editorial, 1980s

Larry Lamb, Editor, Daily Express, September 1983

Sunday Express editorial conference, from left, Mark Elsdon-Dew (probably deputy news editor at the time), Michael Toner (politics and columnist), Max Davidson (features editor and gardening), Patrick Lay (City editor) and Alan Read. The editor at the time was Robin Esser. The editor’s office, where this pic was taken, was on the fifth floor of the Black Lubyanka. 4th September 1987

Ken Lawrence, Daily Express Sports Editor, 16th September 1981

Ken Lawrence

Christopher Wilson, Royal correspondent and William Hickey editor, 23rd October 1984

Joanne O'Brien, writer, possibly Hickey, 8th September 1983

Patrick Lay, Express City Editor, 4th September 1983

Arthur Firth, Daily Express Editor, September 1983

Arthur Firth

Ken Lawrence, Sports Editor

Brian Hitchen, Daily Star Editor, 14th September 1983

Nick Lloyd, Daily Express Editor, 24th September 1987

Larry Lamb, Daily Express Editor, September 1983

Margaret Stone, Express Money, 29th September 1983

John Junor, Editor, Sunday Express and Max Davidson, 19 March 1983

John Bell, Sunday Express Financial Editor, 4th October 1983

Daily Express Editor Nick Lloyd

Kenneth Fleet, Daily Express City Editor, 4th March 1983

Christopher Ward, Daily Express Editor, 25th February 1982

Sir Larold again

Margaret Stone, Money

Christopher Ward





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