Partying with Caney

CHUMS: John Clarke, centre with large tie, celebrates his 21st birthday in Lincolnshire with Peter Caney, centre with long hair and raised fist 

JOHN CLARKE remembers his old friend Peter Caney who died in November 2011 aged 62

I first met Peter when we were both junior reporters with East Midland Allied Press on the Bury Free Press at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. I then moved on to Spalding in Lincolnshire which was close to Peter's hometown of Long Sutton where I got to know his mum, a local councillor and his brother.

We later met up at the Evening Telegraph in Kettering where we shared a house and had some fun (usually involving lots of young ladies I seem to recall). I remember him being very proud of the fact that he'd been a Butlins twist champion. One of his party pieces was a memorable dance and mine routine to Emile Ford's "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?" 

He moved to London and I caught up with him again at the Mirror. There was also a short-lived marriage, I remember. Sad to hear about his later days. I just remember him as a great mate (I used to copy his dance moves). Here he is enjoying himself at my 21st in Spalding. Peter (head down, centre) and me next to him with the moustache and the rather large tie.

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