Peter Caney

Former Daily Express sub-editor PETER CANEY died on 20th November 2011 at the age of 62. Here is a tribute from Ted Graham.

Peter Caney was found dead at the obscenely young age of 62. Appropriate, isn't it, that he died as he lived, alone in his bachelor flat. I first met Peter in the early 70s when he worked on the Evening Standard. He had a prodigious talent and I soon hired him for the Mirror subs table. He didn't take long to join the mouse race and could have gone much further, so much further, but for a character fault that dogged him all his life – a disdain for authority.

On the Mirror, if it couldn't be done his way, it couldn't be done at all. I've lost count of the times I would tell him to speak up and then shut up. Sadly, he never listened and a parting of the ways became inevitable. He moved to the Express where he was mainly the man responsible for the introduction of what was then called ‘new technology’. He knew exactly what he was doing, but, again, when it wasn't done his way he moved on, but this time with a handsome redundancy cheque.

After messing about for a couple of years, he left The Street to take up residence in La Manga Club, a sporting resort in south-east Spain.

He was a charming man, and a great favourite with the ladies. My daughter revealed when I told her of his death that he was her first adolescent crush.

I considered him a friend, we spent at least a dozen golfing holidays together, and he was always warmly welcomed by my family when he visited our home.

His death is a terrible tragedy for a young man who could and should have made it big time. I can't get over the feeling of waste. But at least when he died he took with him his own worst enemy. Rest in peace Peter, at last.

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