Late nights on the Express

THE WAY WE WERE:  Daily Express night editor Terry Manners speaks on the backbench telephone during the paper's last night at its iconic Fleet Street offices in March 1989. Also pictured are art supremo Tim Holder and backbencher Dick Dismore.

This picture, along with others from various years, have been unearthed by former night news editor Terry Chinery. Scroll down for more.

THE MAN HIMSELF: Terry Chinery

TRY PUTTING IT TO YOUR EAR: David Eliades gets to grips with the news desk telephone

QUIET NIGHT: David Eliades is busy on the typewriter while night reporter Ted Daly sits poised for action. The man with his back to the camera could well be reporter Jack Lee

COULD THAT BE A BOTTLE OF VODKA? Shurely shome mishtake. Night sub Bob Haylett chats to David Eliades with possibly Elaine Canham sitting dangerously near a spike

ON THE BLOWER: It’s that nice Mr Eliades again while Terry Manners inspects a proof

TAKING IT EASY: Eliades, Ted Daly (who still hasn’t moved) and Terry Chinery

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