John Moger

The former night foreign editor of the Daily Express, John Moger, died on Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 at the age of 87. He had been living in a Suffolk nursing home following head injuries received in a fall down stairs at his country cottage nearly two years ago.

The following death notice appeared in The Times of 4th January 2013:

MOGER John STOP End of Fleet Street era as much-regarded Foreign Editor dies STOP John Moger remembered for socialist principles, intellect, avoidance of sleep, loyalty to family and friends – and dirty jokes STOP Combined lone-parenthood with toughest job in his beloved Street of Shame spanning more than 30 heyday years on Express, Mail and Times STOP Moger's premature decline after calamitous head-injury fall two years ago STOP Still attended reunions of Fleet Street's finest STOP Moger 87 leaves sweet-heart 2nd wife Chris, campaigner/journalist son Andrew, nursing daughter Jane and loving family STOP Celebration follows STOP STORY ENDS


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