Idle gossips? Shurely shome mishtake!

JEANETTE BISHOP has been delving into the dark recesses of her photographic records to reveal the following snaps of Fleet Street gossip diarists at work and (mostly, it has to be said) at play. What great times they were!

TABLE TALK: Clockwise: Neil Durden-Smith, Andrew Boyle, Peter Tory, Lady Melchett, Christopher Wilson, Georgina Sullivan, Janet Street-Porter, Derek Jameson and Eddie Fox

EASTERN PROMISE: Ross Benson at work in his Baghdad ‘office'

TRAGIC LOSS: Hickey writer Philip Geddes who died when the IRA blew up Harrods in London

COLLEGE TIES: When Paul Callan was finally exposed as a non-Old Etonian after decades of deception he bought OE ties for all his fellow gossip hacks: From left, Jack Martin (Express diary/showbiz stringer in Los Angeles), Peter Tory, Nigel Dempster, Peter McKay, Christopher Wilson, Geoffrey Levy, Ross Benson, Callan, Michael Leapman and James Whitaker

ASCOT TOFFS: Nigel Dempster, James Whitaker, Peter McKay, Peter Tory and John Roberts

DRINKS ALL ROUND: Garth Gibbs, Peter Tory, Nigel Dempster and Mike Molloy

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