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John Honeywell, former managing editor of Express Newspapers, Mirror Group and Today newspaper, died on 15th October, 2017 from lung cancer after a short illness. He was 69.

John leaves a widow Sheila, and sons Nick and Russ.

Pat Wooding, night editor of the Daily Star, who provided this picture said: "Here he is, in his Daily Express chief subbing days [in Manchester], ripping the pages out of David Wooding’s typewriter to hit deadline and change the splash. Stephen Bacon, far left, is legalling it.

John was an easy-going and popular man who is gravely missed and many of his former colleagues have paid tribute to him:

Pat Pilton told the Drone: "I have fond memories of John as a colleague, friend and jovial Thursday night drinking companion in our Mirror days. I think I might have sanctioned his first freebie cruise during that time and, of course, he went on – as Captain Greybeard – to be the master of the seas.”

John’s daughter-in-law Laura-Jane Parker posted on Facebook: "Yesterday I lost my father-in-law, far too soon. Although I didn't get a long time knowing him, I had the best time knowing him. John was so much more than just Russ's dad to me. He was a mentor, a role model, a fellow 'dad-joke' enthusiast, but above all a friend. 

"I will always miss his no-nonsense attitude, our Twitter banter (whenever he would say something un-PC and I would tell him off!), the many smiles he brought us and the way he lived his life to the absolute fullest. 

"We have all been so overwhelmed by the many many tributes that have poured in over the last 24+ hours and it's testament to what a wonderful man he was, that he touched so many lives. I feel incredibly cheated that I didn't have longer with him but I take comfort that there are so many people that carry him with them forever. His legacy will live on. Sail away Captain Greybeard.”

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