Heil Christmas!

Kevin Walker, formerly of the Daily Express Art Desk, has been delving in his drawers only to find some compromising pictures of his department’s Christmas bash at the Connaught Rooms in Great Queen Street, London, in 1985, give or take a year or two.

Kevin told the Drone: 'There were no 'Great Queens' in attendance but a German officer's cap seemed to be doing the rounds and looked a treat on the poor waitress who put up with innuendo and lewd comments that would have officers from Operation Yewtree digging up graves and banging on doors at Dawn – funny that, because that was her name.

'The bash was organised by House of Commons messenger, Bob Brookes – him of high voice and spittle – who used valuable beer money to go out and buy us all ties that matched. Silly sod.

If the cap fits: Dave ‘Captain’ Marvin and James Sillavan

bob 1

House of Commons messenger Bob Brookes, who organised to do

Colin and Bob

Colin Parker and Bob Brookes

Daily Express Christmas do 1

Blushing Ray Cave (it didn’t take much to make Ray blush)

Daily Express Christmas do 3

Barry Keenan, Roy Nelson and Phil Leach, deputy art editor of The Sun, 

with the long-suffering waitress

Daily Express Christmas do 4

Roy Nelson draped in silly string with Phil Leach

Daily Express Christmas do 5

Bob Brookes gets in the brandies for Derek Humphries and James Sillavan

Daily Express Christmas do 6

Roy Nelson propositions the waitress as Phil Leach looks on

Daily Express Christmas do 7

Roy Nelson and a festively-adorned Phil Leach

Daily Express Christmas do 8

Fred Boyce, Dave ‘The Captain’ Marvin and Dobbie

Daily Express Christmas do 9

Roy Nelson and Phil Leach invite the waitress to try on a festive Nazi cap

Daily Express Christmas do 10

Tim Holder, Ray Cave and John Haxton read cracker jokes


Dobbie casts political correctness to the wind

James Sillavan 1

That cap again, with Dave Marvin and James Sillavan

James Sillavan 2

James, Fred and the Captain

James Sillavan 3

Colin Parker hard at work in Fleet Street before the beano

James Sillavan

Taking a squint: Dobbie and James

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