Fun at Esther’s disco


Who is this lurking behind Daily Express editorial secretary Esther Harrod and what was the event?  

It was Chris Williams, then Deputy Features Editor. The picture was taken at the original Golf Club. Esther had organised a disco on the night that turned out to be the breaking story of the Falklands War.

Chris went on to be editor of the Daily Express before resigning to become Scottish editor of The Daily Mail.


Partying the same night as Chris Williams, the late news reporter Colin Bell. Does anyone recognise the young women, possibly from the Daily Star?


Who is the lady on the left? Who did she work for? What was the occasion and who are the two people in the background?  

Answer, Hetty Myers, secretary to Victor Davis, David Wigg and co. The occasion was her retirement. On the left is Derek Jameson and right, secretary Alison who worked for Frank Robson


In the centre is Yolande Brooks, secretary to Chapman Pincher and in the foreground is Julie, secretary to managing editor Struan Coupar. On the right in Michael Evans, Home Affairs Correspondent

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