Friends raise a glass to Terry

MERRY FOR TERRY: Family and friends gathered for a memorial lunch for former Sunday Express picture editor Terry Evans on 13th October, 2015. Pictured are: Back row, from left, Douglas Morrison, Richard Dismore, Mike Hughes, Wendy Payne, Margaret Hussey with Barry Gomer behind her, Terry’s wife Christine and his son Jonathan, Michael Dunlea, Pat Pilton, David Eliades, Jeanette Bishop and Stephen Bacon. Front row: Alan Frame, who organised the lunch, Andy Hoban and Jeremy Gates                                                            Picture by MICHAEL DUNLEA

ALAN FRAME reports: To Joe Allen in Covent Garden for a lunch in memory of our pal the great Terry Evans who died suddenly in April aged 69. Joe’s was Terry’s favourite restaurant as his expense claims proved over the years – indeed there is a brass plaque on the wall next to his usual table bearing his name (reading Sir Terry Evans which should have been the case but sadly wasn’t).

Terry’s wife Christine (“please don’t call me widow, I’m his wife”) was there along with son Jonathan and, true to form, Joe’s went out of the way – thank you Cathy and Debbie and all the staff - to make this a memorable occasion and one which the old boy would have relished. 

Some of his friends also went out of their way to attend, Mike Hughes travelling from Cheshire and Barry Gomer from Devon, a mark of just how much we loved and miss Terry.

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