First festive nosebags of the season

The World’s Greatest Lunch Club moved from its customary festive perch at Joe Allen in London to the World’s Greatest Luxury Apartment Overlooking the Thames.

We were guests of David Eliades and his wife Lamar who invited the former Daily Express journalists and their wives to their home beside the river at Richmond. 

The invitation was made because Lamar and David will be unable to attend the traditional Joe Allen Christmas lunch this year.

KING DAVID'S ROUND TABLE: Chris McIntyre, host David Eliades and Ashley Walton

LONG TABLE: From left, Martine Dismore, Roger Watkins, Joan Walton, Lamar Eliades, Alan Frame, Dick Dismore and Carol Watkins. In the background are Ashley Walton and Chris McIntyre

LET US PRAY: Host Lamar Eliades, Alan Frame, Dick Dismore and Carol Watkins. Seated behind are Ashley Walton, Chris McIntyre and David Eliades

COCKUP: This was meant to be a selfie of Alastair McIntyre with David Eliades in the background but all the old fool could manage was a snap of his wife Chris and David’s right arm. Pathetic.

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