Drones’ Christmas Thrash 2014

Total chaos: Helene Costas seeks inspiration on the floor while Buffy Watkins raises his glass with Alan ‘Snooks’ Frame and Terry Manners at Joe Allen restaurant, London

Mad hatters: Ashley Walton, Dick Dismore, Wendy Payne, Pat Pilton, Helene Costas, Roger Watkins and Alan Frame enjoy one of the more sober moments

Under starter’s orders: Helene, Buffy, Snooks and Terry prepare for action

Completely hatstand: Wendy Payne, Alastair McIntyre, Pat Pilton, Helene Costas and Buffy

Looking the other way: Buffy, Snooks and Terry lose interest in the camera

Glasses half full: From left, Terry Manners, David Eliades, Ashley Walton and Dick Dismore

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