DRONE PHOTONEWS: The good old days in Manchester

MOST people who worked on the Express and the Star in Manchester loved their time in Great Ancoats Street.

And here’s the proof.

These pics of the good old days have been provided by Tom Fullerton, who worked on the Star from 1988 to 1996.

The photos belong to Tom’s wife Elaine Ward, who worked for Sid Taylor in Ancoats before becoming HR manager.

Lord Drone, who never worked in Manchester, can name a few individuals but is relying on his faithful band of readers to fill in the gaps.


Backbench: From left: Tony Fowler, Alex Stuttard, John McDonald, Ted Hodgson in dark cardigan (did he ever wear anything else?) and Derek Tyson, the Page One man


Manchester newsroom with Sam Prince, deputy editor on the backbench in glasses. Standing looking at the backbench is sub Bert Howes.


Eight sports writers with Alan Thomson, left in the back row


A grainy pic of the Ancoats newsroom, probably sports subs

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