Our Friends in the North

FAREWELL CLAUDE: Manchester backbencher Claude Lescure, second left, receives a retirement tankard from northern editor John McDonald as, from left, Burt Howes, Ted Hodgson and Aubrey Mathews look on

FEZ FAIR: Bob Blake does a good impression of Tommy Cooper as he receives his retirement gift from northern editor Tony Fowler some time in the 1980s

FINGERS IN THE PIE: Express chairman Victor Matthews starts the first run of the Daily Star in Manchester with a little help from Daily Express picture editor John Knill, dressed rather cheekily as a Crusader

NORMAN’S CONQUEST: Manchester picture editor Norman Midgley, in light-coloured suit, sits on the floor with his retirement present, a golf bag. He is surrounded by photographers and editorial guests, including Sam Prince, Howard Bygrave, John McDonald, Bob Blake, Frank Spooner, Keith Howard and Cyril Ormiston. John Knill, who later became picture editor and who supplied these pictures, is seated in the centre. Pic dates from late 1970s. Photographer Leo Carter is fourth right in the first standing row


A TOUCH OF GLASS: Photographer Laurie Lea, crouching centre in specs, fag in hand, retires and joining in the celebrations are, from left, Jack Kay, Martin Gilfeather, Laurie Lea, Norman Midgley,  Aubrey Mathews, Frank Spooner, Robin Esser, Friendly Policeman, Peter Jackson, John Dawes and John Knill. Picture was taken in the late 1970s. Probably.

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